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Surface Grinding Machine - India

  • Working table measures only longitudinal movements, this gives full Contact And support from the machine. V and flat guide ways are laminated with turcite 'b' for smooth table Movement regardless from starting the table.
  • Column takes only cross feed movements, this gives same simlar contact between the column slide and machine bed in any coloum position. The column slide is guided by box type turcite 'B'
  • Laminated ways is used for hand scraped to obtain smooth stick slip free movements. Vertical slide ways and the grinding wheel, creating a perfect movement of the spindle in relation to the working table, The housing contraction is also designed for better rigidity.
  • The cartridge type spindle is supported by class 7 super (CP4) precision angular contact ball bearings, preloaded and select-fitted into spindle Cartridge. This will guarantee a maximum run out of 0.002 mm for Stable and accurate grinding, all the spindle are assembled at prayosha skilled and experience technicians in temperature controlled clean room. The result is a spindle that will provide years of Trouble-free service with minimum temperature changes, noise or vibration.
  • Option A hydraulic overhead dresser is employed for column traveling models, and is mounted on the spindle head to allow the wheel to be dressed independent of the grinding height or column position. the dresser device provides a minimum 0,01 mm graduation for productivity and ease of operation.
  • The automatic lubrication system supplies lubricant to all of the guide ways and lead screws as the machine operates. This system ensures all the critical components are lubricated with the right amount of oil at all times.
  • The external independent hydraulic tank is located outside the machine to be easily accessible for maintenance. A specially-designed valve and proximity switches enable smooth table reversing, this is machine base.
  • Electric components and functional modules are well arranged and packed in a separate electric cabinet to be easily accessible for maintenance. An independent control box with an ergonomically designed panel offers a comfortable and convenient operation environment.