C2X 818 CNC Profile Surface Grinding Machine

C2X – 818 Surface Grinding Machine has a work table that moves only longitudinally with total contact with machine bed as well as column support for cross feed movement that guarantee uniform contact between column slide as well as machine bed in any definite column site. The system also has a cartridge type spindle maintained by class 7 super (CPS) precision angular contact ball bearings that facilitate maximum run out of 0.002mm for offering stable as well as precise grinding hold up. For smooth as well as easy operation, all spindles are assembled by skilled technicians to offer least temperature changes, noise or vibration.

The working table offers only longitudinal movements. Thus there is complete contact as well as support from the machine bed, table limit position. V as well as flat guide constantly laminates with Turcite 'B' to assure smooth table movement in spite of of the load on the table.

The column offers just cross feed movement to make uniform contact between the column slide and machine bed in any column arrangement. The column slide is channeled by box type Turcite 'B' laminated ways to attain slip free movement.

The spindle housing moves just vertically. This offers an invariable distance between the vertical slide as well as the grinding wheel, to generate absolutely perpendicular movement of the spindle to the working table. The housing is rigidly fabricated.

Technical Specifications of CNC Surface Grinding Machine :

GENERAL   Model No. C2X-818
Table size ( L * W ) mm 200*450
Grinding range ( L * W ) mm 200*450
Max. grinding height with new wheel and without magnetic chuck mm 400
Distance from Table to spindle centre


Max. grinding width with relief at the front and rear mm 225
Max. grinding width without relief at the front and rear mm 200
Accuracy   As Per IS 2743
Control ( 2 Axis ) / Optional   HUST / Siemens
Programming   Standard ‘G’ code and ‘M’ code, With NC File
Grinding Wheel    
Diameter Max. mm 200
Width Std. mm 19
Bore mm 31.76
Wheel Spindle KW 1.5
Stroke mm 315
Rapid traverse m/min 3
Min. programmable increment mm 0.01
Stroke mm 225
Continuous feed rate m/min 3
Rapid traverse m/min 3
Min. programmable increment mm 0.001
Automatic intermittent feed each table stroke   Programmable
Max. Longitudinal traverse mm 18
Infinitely variable speed m/min 1000
Hydraulic Motor Power kw 0.5 to 10
Max. weight of the job
( I ) with chuck
(ii) without chuck


X-Axis With L.M Guide, Ballscrow, and Servo Motor
Z-Axis With L.M Guide, Ballscrow, and Servo Motor
Repeatability for 6 consecutive readings    
Repeatability for 6 consecutive readings mm 0.002
Total connected power (approx.) kw 6.0